ECTS - - School of Medicine Undergraduate Program

The aim of our program is to educate physicians who know the priority health problems of our country and are equipped with the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for the protection and promotion of health at the level of primary health care organization. By applying the profession in accordance with ethical rules, he can effectively understand, evaluate and manage the health-related situations which he faces, and has universal qualities to solve health problems by working in team understanding. We are sure that our students will be capable of performing the duties undertaken in the field of health in a qualified manner. Our medical students are investigative and inquisitive and they gain the attitude and skills of continuing lifelong learning. Atılım University Faculty of Medicine educates physicians in accordance with acceptable criteria at national and international levels and continues medical education in English; the most valid language in the world. In this way; the problem of communication in between the students and faculty members is eliminated and a modern and global medical education service is provided. Therefore; an excellent educational atmosphere is created in which the students who are coming from the neighbouring countries can adapt very easily and happily.