ECTS - - Public Relations and Advertising

he student's standing is calculated in the form of a GPA and CGPA, and announced at the end of each semester by the Registrar's Office. The total credit points for a course are obtained by multiplying the grade point of the final grade by the credit hours. In order to obtain the GPA for any given semester, the total credit points earned in that semester are divided by the total credit hours. The CGPA is calculated by taking into account all the courses taken by a student from the beginning of entrance to the University which are recognized as valid by the Department in which she/he is registered.


Overall classification of the qualification :
Satisfactory                     2.00 – 2.49    
                                       2.50 – 2.99   .
Honors                           3.00 – 3.49  X
High Honors                   3.50 – 4.00