ECTS - - Public Relations and Advertising

1) Students obtain fundamental knowledge about the theoretical approaches, concepts, research methods and techniques of public relations, advertising, media, marketing and integrated marketing.
2) Students obtain interdisciplinary knowledge about political, cultural, economic and social process within local, national and international levels.
3) Students obtain knowledge about the effective use of digital media intended for public relations, advertising, marketing and integrated marketing.
4) Students obtain knowledge about the use of new media tools both theoretically and practically.
5) Students obtain knowledge about the design and development of any public relations and advertising campaign based on the target group and strategic objectives.
6) Students obtain knowledge about the organizational communications structures.
7) Students obtain knowledge about various strategies of crisis management.
8) Students obtain knowledge about required research, planning, methods and techniques within public relations and advertising fields.
9) Students obtain knowledge about ethical principles and values of public relations and advertising
10) Students obtain knowledge about legal regulations of both communication law and advertising.
11) Students learn how to communicate with both local and foreign, academic and non-academic stakeholders in order to conduct PR and advertising researches or practices.
12) Students learn how to work in teamwork for PR and advertising researches and practices.
13) Students learn how to prepare and conduct various communicational activities of various organizations.
14) Students learn how to collect information, analyze and present the findings of PR, advertising, marketing and consumer researches.
15) Students learn how to plan and conduct media and advertising campaigns.
16) Students learn how to use digital communication tools effectively and design a product.
17) Students have the capacity of using theoretical background and conducting methodologies in order to gather information, analyze and interpret within PR and advertising fields.
18) Students have the capacity of understanding the social-cultural context of PR and advertising practices for the related organizations.
19) Students have the capacity of following the latest developments at national and global levels.
20) Students have the capacity of taking the responsibilities for the possible problems in any PR program or campaign and develop creative solutions.
21) Students have the capacity of using various applications and technological tools to conduct PR and advertising programs and advertising campaigns.
22) Students have the capacity of exercising the ethical codes based on national and international professional standards in PR and advertising activities.
23) Students have the capacity of forming and practicing brand management strategies.
24) Students have the capacity of dealing with the possible risks in organizations.