ECTS - - Public Relations and Advertising

1 A basic knowledge of the theoretical approaches and concepts, research methods and tools relevant to the field of public relations and advertising.
2 An understanding of the different ways in which the field of PRA has evolved in time in different local, national and global contexts
3 An ability to follow the developments in the theory and practice of PRA worldwide
4 An advanced knowledge of how to design and develop strategic goals and objectives for a PRA program or campaign
5 An ability to apply appropriate theories and methodologies to collect, analyze and interpret data in order to examine research questions and to develop knowledge in the field of PRA
6 An understanding of ethical standards within the field of PRA, and of how to develop, articulate, and critically reflect on these ethical standards
7 An ability to apply ethical standards in the PRA practices, and in the treatment of participants in research studies
8 The skills necessary to communicate with both academic and non-academic, and domestic and foreign individuals or groups involved in the PRA studies and/or practices
9 A deep understanding of the interdependencies of culture and communication in groups, organizations, and communities, and of the importance of socio-cultural context for the PRA practices
10 The teamwork skills that are essential in the PRA studies and/or practices
11 A basic competence in taking individual responsibility or initiative and generating creative solutions to problems that may arise in a PRA program or campaign
12 A genuine understanding of the need to adapt to the rapidly changing social and technological environments in which PRA studies and/or practices take place
13 An ability to use different types of software and other IT and computing skills necessary for carrying out PRA programs or campaigns