Compulsory Departmental Courses

ADA101 - Fundamental Concept of Law (4 + 0) 6

Basic concepts of law, basic legal information.

ADA102 - Knowledge on Civil Procedural Law (3 + 0) 5

Territorial jurisdiction and subject-matter jurisdiction of courts, proceedings, means of evidence, legal remedies.

ADA103 - Knowledge on Civil Law (4 + 0) 6

General principles of civil law, persons, personality, protection of personality, legal persons, societies and foundation, engagement and marriage, end of marriage, paternity, adoption, property law, possession, land registry, inheritance law, inheritor, legator, heritage, partition of the inheritance.

ADA104 - Knowledge on Obligations Law (2 + 0) 5

Introduction to law of obligations, main principles of law of obligations, elements of debt relation, tort, unjust enrichment, performance of obligation and termination of obligations.

ADA105 - Judicial Organization and Notification (2 + 0) 4

Basic concepts of judicial organization, conflicts of jurisdiction, law of notifications, notification method.

ADA106 - Knowledge on Penal Law (2 + 0) 5

Application of penal codes, the problem of what is the crime, the elements of the crime, some basic types of crime, the end of the legal relationship of punishment.

ADA107 - Keyboard Usage I (2 + 0) 3

Fast, serial and error-free text creation in F keyboard on the computer, following and analyzing different writing formats, Turkish writing criteria.

ADA108 - Office Management (2 + 0) 3

Office types, the communication process that takes place in office environment, the contribution of the management functions in management of the employees, office management based on ergonomic principles, effective filing and archiving systems.

ADA110 - Keyboard Usage II (2 + 0) 4

Fast, serial and error-free text creation and progression in F keyboard on the computer, following and analyzing different writing formats and advancing.

ADA201 - Knowledge on Execution Law I (3 + 0) 5

Legal proceeding of execution, attachment procedure of execution of commercial papers, legal proceedings of foreclosure, provisional attachment.

ADA202 - Knowledge on Execution Law II (2 + 0) 4

Bankruptcy, action for rescission, concordat.

ADA203 - Knowledge on Criminal Procedure Law (2 + 0) 4

The applicability of criminal procedure law norms, the duty of judgment and authorities, the conditions of judgment, the subjects of trial, criminal proceedings, protection measures, stages of investigation and prosecution, remedies.

ADA204 - Prison Administration and Knowledge on Execution Law (2 + 0) 4

Principles and aims of the penal execution law, prison enforcement systems, freedom penalties, criminal penalties and execution of security measures, procedure of acceptance of prisoners to penitentiary institutions, rights and security of prejudice and reasons of execution and special execution regimes.

ADA205 - Legislation on Court Office (2 + 0) 4

Office services at justice law areas, keeping records and file at offices, official correspondence rules.

ADA206 - Commercial Law Knowledge (3 + 0) 5

General information about commercial law, commercial enterprise law, company law, law of negotiable instruments.

ADA207 - Public Relations and Communication (2 + 0) 3

Fundamental principles of the process of public relations, techniques used to solve the problems of public relations, special campaigns related to the public relations, crisis management, relations maintained by various group-institutions in line with the nature of the field.

ADA208 - Accounting (2 + 0) 4

The concept of accounting, principles of accounting, basic accounting equation, commercial transaction, account concept and registration process, balance sheet and income table, daily and grand book records of all assets, sources, income and expense accounts, incorrect records, trial balance, detailed financial statements.

ADA209 - Knowledge on Public Law (3 + 0) 5

Basic concepts and institutions of constitutional law, Constitution of 1982, structure and function of Constitutional Court, principles of constitutional judicial review, general information about administrative law, law state and its requirements as a constitutional principle, relations between administration and individual, the means of movement of the organization and its administration, and judicial review of the administration.

ADA210 - Justice Information Technology (2 + 0) 4

The aims, rules and infrastructure of the system of jurisdiction, that is being implemented in Turkey.

ADA211 - Keyboard Usage III (2 + 0) 4

Writing according to Turkish Standards, simultaneous error-free and complete text enhancement techniques, simultaneous writing of a text/speech using an F keyboard.

ADA212 - Knowledge on Fiscal Legislation (2 + 0) 4

General explanations on stamp duty and judicial fees as a financial obligation, their elements, special cirsumstances, applications and payment.

ENG121 - Basic English I (4 + 0) 3

Vocabulary, structure and communicative skills at beginners level; various topics such as countries, nationalities, jobs, family, feelings, food and drink, colors and clothes and daily routines

ENG122 - Basic English II (4 + 0) 3

Vocabulary, structure and communicative skills at beginners level; various themes such as transport, travel, dates, holidays, money, and shopping..

HIST101 - Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution I (2 + 0) 2

French Revolution; structure and geopolitic positioning of Ottoman Empire, reasons of its decline; Westernization movements, First and Second Constitutional Monarchy declarations; Libya and Balkan wars; First World War; period before the War of Independence, congresses, National Pact, establishment of Turkish Grand National Assembly.

HIST102 - Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution II (2 + 0) 2

War of Independence; Lausanne Treaty; declaration of the Republic; removal of sultanic rule and caliphate; Atatürk`s revolutions; establishment of national economy; Second World War, before and after; Turkish Republic after 1960.

HIST201 - History of Civilization (3 + 0) 3

A chronological order of the rise of civilizations from Sumer until the Scientific Revolution.

KRY111 - Career Planning (1 + 0) 1

Being a student at Atilim University, Student-centered programs at Atilim University, Faculty, Department presentations, Career Planning and Coop Program, Erasmus, CV writing types, Interview techniques, Effective Communication and presentation techniques, Intelligence and Personality

TURK401 - Turkish Language I (2 + 0) 2

Languages and their classification; history of Turkish language, its spread over the world and its place among other languages; Turkish language in the republic era; orthography; expressions; foreign words, suffixes and prefixes; punctuation; language and verbalism.

TURK402 - Turkish Language II (2 + 0) 2

Written expression and its genres; bibliography; sentence structure and types; misexpression; verbal expressions.

Elective Courses

ADA-AE1FA1 - Departmental Elective (0 + 0) 3

ADA-AE1SP1 - Departmental Elective (0 + 0) 3

ADA-AE2FA1 - Departmental Elective (0 + 0) 3

ADA-AE2SP1 - Departmental Elective (0 + 0) 3

ADA109 - Judicial Professional Ethics (2 + 0) 3

Moral and ethical concepts, ethical justification, principles of ethical behavior.

ADA111 - Human Rights (2 + 0) 3

General concepts about human rights, historical development of human rights, positive human rights law.

ADA112 - Legal Parlance and Legal Correspondence (2 + 0) 3

Daily language, written language, professional language, legal parlance terms, basic concepts of legal correspondence, decisions concerning civil law or criminal law cases, document samples used in court or enforcement and bankruptcy offices, notarial documents and contracts.

ADA114 - Knowledge on Attorneyship and Notary Law (2 + 0) 3

The roles of lawyers of law proceedings, the profession of notary, the legal structure of the notary.

ADA213 - Knowledge on Mediation Law (2 + 0) 3

Basic principles about mediation, rights and obligations about mediators, development of mediation practise.

ADA214 - Mediation in Criminal Procedure Law (2 + 0) 3

Protection of the rights of the victims in the criminal procedure law, decarcreation of offenders, mediation process, restorative justice, legal nature of the mediation document.

ADA215 - Judicial Police (2 + 0) 3

The form of organization in Turkey in law enforcement, basic legislation on police duties and powers of law enforcement officers capture, detention, and evidence collection authority, the limits of those powers: determination of the rules of law to be applied in case of exceeding the authority by stating the principles of intervention in cases of judicial army.

ADA216 - Consumer Law Knowledge (2 + 0) 3

Introduction to law of consumer, consumer concept, consumer right and obligations, consumer rights, consumer protection contracts, deceptive advertising, pre- and post-contract protection, administrative supervision and sanctions.