ECTS - - Nutrition and Dietetics

1) Develop the capability of using theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during nutrition and dietetic education for individuals and public for health promotion, prevention of the diseases and treatment of the diseases when necessary.
2) Can reach evidence-based knowledge in nutrition and dietetics by searching available journals and books published then using all computer programs assess this knowledge, interpret and share.
3) Develop strategical plans and programs for solving nutrition-based health problems at individual and community level, by considering professional and ethical values.
4) Can analyze food consumptions of individuals and create diet plans by taking into consideration of their age, gender, socio-cultural, economical, biochemical and personal characteristics then can give necessary education to them.
5) Can identify all the nutrients and chemical substances that foods contain and help individuals how and what kind of foods to be chosen for their health and/or disease conditions.
6) Can conduct their work independently with the help of the information gained, take individual responsibility to solve problems in practice, and collaborate with other members of the health team.
7) Can explain all reduction or loss of nutrients may happen during food preparation and cooking both home or institutional settings.
8) Can make all necessary dietary adjustments where special nutrition is required.
9) Can compare and discuss nutrition policies and food legislation both in the country and world experiences levels.
10) Can develop and organize training programs to provide adequate, balanced and healthy nutrition for individuals and groups, and can effectively use the communication and education methods and materials required for the sessions.
11) Can evaluate individual and cultural differences by having knowledge and practices of the traditions and cultures of the countries.