ECTS - - Tourism and Hotel Management Assoc. Degree

Compulsory Departmental Courses

ENG232 - Online Basic English III (3 + 0) 4

This course includes activities aiming to improve vocabulary, structure and communicative skills before all else in their specialized area, tourism, at pre-intermediate level. These activities are about various themes such as types and parts of hotels, travel and recreation words. Various subjects such as; careers in tourism and catering and travel in order to make students be aware of working environment in this field.

HIST101 - Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution I (2 + 0) 2

French Revolution; structure and geopolitic positioning of Ottoman Empire, reasons of its decline; Westernization movements, First and Second Constitutional Monarchy declarations; Libya and Balkan wars; First World War; period before the War of Independence, congresses, National Pact, establishment of Turkish Grand National Assembly.

TKİŞ101 - Tourism Management (1 + 0) 5

The concept of tourism and tourists, business and management concepts, General information about tourism enterprises, the enterprises in travel sector (travel agencies, tour operators), accommodation businesses, food and beverage businesses, yachts and marina businesses, international tourism enterprises (its development, market entry forms).

TKİŞ102 - Tourism industry and strategic issues (1 + 0) 5

Definition of tourism and tourist; tourism development in Turkey and in the world; tourism industry and structural features; future developments, legal issues, strategic management and crises management in tourism industry

TKİŞ103 - Accounting practices in Tourism business (1 + 0) 6

TKİŞ104 - Managerial accounting in tourism establishments (1 + 0) 6

Introduction to Managerial Accounting, Balance Sheet, The Income Statement, The Statement of Cash Flow, Ratio Analysis, Basic Cost Concepts and CVP Analysis, Cost Approaches to Pricing, Forecasting Methods, Operations Budgeting, Cash Management, Capital Budgeting

TKİŞ105 - Tourism economics (1 + 0) 6

TKİŞ106 - Organization Models of Tourism Business (1 + 0) 6

Description, development and characteristics of hotel business, Management of hotel business, Classification of hotel business, Organizational process and the organizing principle, Organizational structure and organization in hotel business,

TKİŞ107 - Social Behavior and Human relations in Tourism (1 + 0) 6

Introduction to Sociology and Sociology of Tourism, Community, Social Structure, Socialization and Social Factors of Tourism, Behavioral and Psychological Foundations of Behavior, Touristy Experiments, Relations Between Tourists and Tourist Clusters, Tourist – Domestic Relations, Tourist – Worker Relations.

TKİŞ108 - Marketing Management in the system of Tourism Accommodation (1 + 0) 6

First explaining the concepts of marketing and service marketing, discussing the definitions within the concept of tourism marketing, the tourism marketing system, its functions, its properties, mixed tourism marketing elements, modern marketing methods with marketing researches, marketing plans, strategic plans, marketing strategies.

TKİŞ201 - Contemporary Human Resources Management in Tourism Establishments (1 + 0) 6

Human resources management, social ethical and legal considerations, workforce diversity, job analysis, recruitment and selection, development and training, compensation and benefits, safety and health, job satisfaction and performance, internal employee relations, global human resources management.

TKİŞ202 - Tourism Geography (1 + 0) 5

Concepts of Tourism Geography and sources (Natural, cultural-historical) of Turkey’s Tourism Geography

TKİŞ203 - Travel Agency and Tour Operator Management (1 + 0) 7

The information about the management and the organization of the travel businesses in tourism sector

TKİŞ204 - Housekeeping Management (1 + 0) 6

Hospitality Industry, The housekeeping profession, planning and organizing the housekeeping department, HRM in Housekeeping department, guest room cleaning and practice, Public Area and Other types of cleaning,safety and security, hygiene, on premise laundry management

TKİŞ205 - Front office management in Hospitality (1 + 0) 7

To understand and appreciate the food service industry, students must be acquainted with its history, scope and trends. The major classifications of food service systems, food service organizational theory and the levels of personnel involved within the organizational structure.

TKİŞ206 - Recreation and Leisure Management (0 + 0) 6

Theory of Leisure, Theory of Recreation, Theory of Touristic Recreation (definition, types, specialities, effects on whole activities, functions, methodology and principles), Management of Touristic Recreation Services (planning-organization, operational directives, auditing, management processes), Implementations of Touristic Recreation (forming the touristic recreation team, preparation of touristic recreation program, determination of with charge or free of charge touristic recreations, contracting with touristic recreation firms, preparation/or having prepared of touristic recreation platforms, orientation training for touristic recreation team, perform or put into practice the touristic recreation activities, auditing and monitoring the carried out touıristic recreation activities).

TKİŞ207 - Food and Beverage Planning and Presentation Techniques (1 + 0) 7

To understand and appreciate the food service industry, students must be acquainted with its history, scope and trends. The major classifications of food service systems, food service organizational theory and the levels of personnel involved within the organizational structure.

TKİŞ208 - Tourism policies and application strategies in economical development (1 + 0) 4

The economic impacts of tourism, the need for tourism policy, characteristics, success factors, targets of tourism policy; EU and Turkish tourism policy, modern approaches to tourism policy, tourism planning and investments in the industry.

TKİŞ210 - Industrial Training (1 + 10) 6