ECTS - Industrial Engineering Master Program (with thesis)

1. Semester

Program Competencies

Course Code Course Name
MDES600 Research Methodology and Communication Skills
IE589 Graduation Seminar
IE597 Master's Thesis
Departmental Elective
Departmental Elective
Departmental Elective
Departmental Elective
Departmental Elective
Departmental Elective

Elective Courses

Program Competencies

Course Code Course Name
IE502 Linear Programming
IE503 System Analysis and Design
IE504 System Simulation
IE506 Discrete Programming
IE508 Stochastic Processes
IE509 Production Systems
IE510 Network Models
IE511 Heuristic Methods
IE512 Work Place Environmental Design
IE513 Strategic Planning
IE514 Decision Support Systems
IE515 Multi-criteria Decision Making
IE516 E-Business
IE517 Customer Relationship Management
IE518 Engineering Design Economics
IE519 Forecasting
IE520 Logistics and Inventory Systems
IE521 Advances in MIS
IE530 Research Topic
IE411 Work Study and Design
IE415 Industrial Economics
IE416 Expert Systems
IE417 Special Topics in Operations Research
IE418 Decision Analysis
IE419 Service Systems
IE420 Heuristic Methods for Optimization
IE421 E-Commerce and ERP
IE422 Customer Relationship Management
IE423 Managemet and Organization
IE425 Analysis of Investment Projects
IE426 Labor Law
IE427 Strategic Management
IE428 Introduction to Systems Engineering
IE429 Reliability
IE430 Industrial Engineering Applications in Human Resource Management
IE434 Scheduling
IE442 Statistical Applications in Industrial Engineering
IE444 Decision Support Systems
ISE422 E-Government
ISE423 Technology Trends in E-Government
ISE424 Distance Education and E-Learning
ISE432 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in IT
IE438 Project Finance and Cycle Management
CMPE543 Big Data Analytics
CMPE566 Advanced Data Mining
CMPE568 Advanced Artificial Intelligence
ISE502 Organizational Management and Change
ISE512 IT Portfolio Management and IT Standards
ISE515 Process Analysis and Improvement
ISE553 IT in Healthcare
ISE554 IT Strategies in E-Government
ISE563 Application Management
ISE564 Architecture and Consultancy
MFGE577 Quality Control and Metrology
MDES674 Supply Chain Management
SE554 Software Quality Management
SE556 Software Construction and Evolution
ISE511 IT Strategy Planning and Governance
ISE501 Foundations in IT Management
ISE507 Mobile Application Development
ISE555 IT Economy
ISE552 E-Commerce - A Managerial Perspective