ECTS - - Faculty of Law Undergraduate Program

Compulsory Departmental Courses

HIST201 - History of Civilization (3 + 0) 3

A chronological order of the rise of civilizations from Sumer until the Scientific Revolution.

KRY111 - Career Planning (1 + 0) 1

Being a student at Atilim University, Student-centered programs at Atilim University, Faculty, Department presentations, Career Planning and Coop Program, Erasmus, CV writing types, Interview techniques, Effective Communication and presentation techniques, Intelligence and Personality

LAW-AE1SP1 - Departmental Elective (0 + 0) 4

LAW-AE2FA1 - Departmental Elective (0 + 0) 3

LAW-AE2SP1 - Departmental Elective (0 + 0) 2

LAW-AE3FA1 - Departmental Elective (0 + 0) 3

LAW-AE3SP1 - Departmental Elective (0 + 0) 3

LAW-AE4FA1 - Departmental Elective (0 + 0) 4

LAW-AE4SP1 - Departmental Elective (0 + 0) 3

LAW101 - Introduction to law (4 + 0) 6

The origins and sources of the law, the role of the law to establish order in society, the comparison of the legal rules with other rules regulating society, application and interpretation of legal rules, rights and their classifications, the main divisions and branches under the concept of law, Rule of Law, sanctions, legal systems, judiciary and

LAW104 - Roman Law (3 + 0) 5

Pre-Islamic period as an introduction to the historical features of Turkish law, the concepts and institutions of Islamic and Ottoman legal system; basic concepts of modern legal thought in Europe, a background knowledge of Roman Law.

LAW105 - Introduction to Civil Law and Law of Persons (4 + 0) 7

General principles of civil Law, persons, personality, protection of personality.

LAW106 - Family Law (4 + 0) 6

Engagement, marriage, divorce, law of property between husband and wife, adoption, guardianship and parental custody.

LAW107 - Constitutional Law (3 + 0) 6

General principles and the basic notions of constitutional law; the notion of constitution; theories on sovereignty and political power; forms of the state; legislative, executive powers and the relations between them; government systems; judicial review of legislative acts; election systems and political parties.

LAW108 - Turkish Constitutional Law (4 + 0) 6

Constitutional law, the normative standards establishing the institutions and functions of the legislative, the executive and the judiciary; regulations of the 1982 Constitution of the Turkish Republic.

LAW210 - Basic Rights and Freedoms (3 + 0) 5

The technical analyses of the various systems; the establishment, protection, and promotion of human rights; current human rights standards; global instruments, such as general and specific human rights covenants adopted by UN and regional instruments, such as ECoHR.

LAW211 - General Principles of International Law (3 + 0) 5

Basic characteristics of international law and differences with other legal arders (domestic law and UE law), sources of international law (treaties, customs, general principles of law) and legal acts.

LAW215 - Public Finance (3 + 0) 4

Scope of public economy, differences between public economy and free market, funding of public service, public income, public dept, public expenditure, public budget.

LAW218 - Issues in International Law (3 + 0) 5

Land, sea, air, space, and environment-related rules, recognition and succession, diplomatic and consular relations, international responsibility and sanctions, peaceful settlement of disputes, the use of force, law of armed conflict.

LAW231 - Law of Obligations I (3 + 0) 5

Introduction to law of obligations, main principles of law of obligations, elements of debt relation, tort, unjust enrichment, performance of obligation and discharging of obligations.

LAW232 - Law of Obligations II (4 + 0) 5

Introduction to law of obligations, main principles of law of obligations, elements of debt relation, tort, unjust enrichment, performance of obligation and discharging of obligations.

LAW233 - Administrative Law I (4 + 0) 5

Administrative law as a discipline of public law, the concept of public administration, historical development and different systems, principles in organization of public administration, central administration of the state, institutions of local government, independant regulatory agencies, the concept of administrative transaction.

LAW234 - Administrative Law II (3 + 0) 5

The authorities of administration, public services, public order and law-enforcement officers, civil servants, disciplinary regulations, public property, pecuniary liability of public administration, contemporary trends in administrative law.

LAW235 - General Provisions of Criminal Law I (3 + 0) 5

The general crime theory, elements of a crime, causes influencing the crime, contempt, multiple crimes, association, recurring criminality, types of punishments, sentencing and execution.

LAW236 - General Provisions of Criminal Law II (3 + 0) 5

The general crime theory, elements of a crime, causes influencing the crime, contempt, multiple crimes, association, recurring criminality, types of punishments, sentencing and execution.

LAW301 - Special Provisions of Tort Law (5 + 0) 5

Liberty of contracts, special types of contracts, form requirements of contracts.

LAW303 - Civil Procedure Law I (3 + 0) 5

Organization of courts, cases and remedies

LAW304 - Civil Procedure Law II (3 + 0) 3

Litigation process, Amendment, Temporary Legal Proctection, Mediation.

LAW308 - Administrative Judicial Law (3 + 0) 5

The main concepts and rules of judicial review of administration, the structure of administrative Courts, procedures to file a case.

LAW311 - Enterprise Law (3 + 0) 5

Introduction to Turkish Commercial Law, legal transactions about commercial enterprises, basic principles of Mark Law and Unfair Competition.

LAW312 - Corporation Law (3 + 0) 5

Concept of ?Company? in general and characteristics of company, main features of unincorporated company and its details, features of commecial partnerships and their functional process, detailed examination of corporation and limited liability company, reconstruction of companies, Konzern law.

LAW313 - Criminal Law Special Provisions I (2 + 0) 4

The legal value criterion in the classification of these crimes and the various crimes classified accordingly in the criminal law; crimes against The Person, Life and Physical Integrity organized in the TCC.

LAW322 - Tax Law (4 + 0) 5

Taxation relations, taxing process, enforcement law of taxation, settlement of tax disputes, taxes on revenue, wealth and expenses.

LAW341 - Property Law I (3 + 0) 5

Real right, possession, land registry, property

LAW342 - Property Law II (3 + 0) 3

Immovable property, moveable property, types of restricted real rights

LAW344 - Criminal Law Special Provisions II (2 + 0) 3

The legal value criterion in the classification of these crimes and the various crimes classified accordingly in the criminal law; crimes Against Property, Crimes Creating General Danger, Crimes Against the Environment, Public Health, Public Confidence, Public Peace, Public Morals and the Family Order, Nation and State in the TCC.

LAW405 - Criminal Procedure Law I (3 + 0) 5

The place of the criminal procedure law in law order, the principles of the criminal procedure law, judgment, subjects of criminal procedure, and the organs of criminal procedure.

LAW406 - Criminal Procedure Law II (3 + 0) 3

Operation of the criminal procedure, characteristics of the courts of first instance and the appellate courts.

LAW408 - Law of Commercial Papers (3 + 0) 4

Introduction to law of negotiable instruments; general aspects of commercial bills; bill, bill of exchange, cheque.

LAW411 - Private International Law I (3 + 0) 4

Citizanship law, Foreigners law

LAW413 - Labour Law (5 + 0) 5

Institutions of labour law, international labour law, labour court; employee, employer and his agent; business place and labour contract.

LAW414 - Social Security Law (2 + 0) 4

Institutions of social security law, pecuniary damages, damages for mental anguish, sanctions in public law, severance pay and unions.

LAW416 - Private International Law II (4 + 0) 3

Conflict of laws, International civil procedural law

LAW417 - Inheritance Law (3 + 0) 5

Testamentary disposition, shapes and types of testamentary disposition, inheritor, disclaimer of an inheritance.

LAW420 - Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law (3 + 0) 5

Law debt enforcement in general and its aim; enforcement of judgments, bankruptcy in general and types of bankruptcy.

LAW423 - Theories of the State (3 + 0) 5

Ancient Greek and Roman political thought, medieval perspectives on power and authority, the Renaissance and Reformation, the notions of the state as developed by social contract theorists and the rise of the Enlightenment, the formation of modern political ideologies.

LAW436 - Philosophy and Sociology of Law (4 + 0) 6

The foundations of society, social inequality, social institutions, social change; natural law theory, the formal understanding of law: legal positivism.

TURK401 - Turkish Language I (2 + 0) 2

Languages and their classification; history of Turkish language, its spread over the world and its place among other languages; Turkish language in the republic era; orthography; expressions; foreign words, suffixes and prefixes; punctuation; language and verbalism.

TURK402 - Turkish Language II (2 + 0) 2

Written expression and its genres; bibliography; sentence structure and types; misexpression; verbal expressions.

Elective Courses

ENG121 - Basic English I (4 + 0) 3

Vocabulary, structure and communicative skills at beginners level; various topics such as countries, nationalities, jobs, family, feelings, food and drink, colors and clothes and daily routines

ENG322 - Basic English for Occupational Purposes II (3 + 0) 3

Academic and job-related commucation skills; functions such as pressure at work, budget, schedules and deadlines, interview techniques, discussing on academic qualifications, job skills, career development, making arrangements and writing e-mails.

LAW222 - Media Law (2 + 0) 2

Fundamental concepts, principles and legal framework of media law as a whole including press law, radio and television broadcasting law and internet broadcasting law; copyright issues related to media law.

LAW227 - Roman Public Law (3 + 0) 3

The subject of the Roman Public Law course,the Roman State, the constitutional order of the Roman State,political history and political doctrines related to this political structure.Rome's political history,by which is meant the transformation from a small city-state to a centralised empire.The foundation of Rome,the changes and developments it underwent,the people and groups within the state conflicts,which political and legal structure these conflicts led to,and which part of the empire is

LAW252 - Legal English II (2 + 0) 2

English versions of basic principles of public and common law, pinciples in Latin, sorts of courts and law of contracts.

LAW254 - Law and Literature (2 + 0) 2

The relationship between political power-individual-jurisdiction, the right to due process, penal sanctioning, the aim of punishment, independence and objectivity of judgement, judiciary ethics, principle of equality, prohibition of discrimination, gender, legal positivism, jus naturale, civil disobedience.

LAW256 - Turkish Parliamentary Law (2 + 0) 2

Democratic political representation, parliamentary debate, legislate, control of government, be elected as a member of parliament sufficiency, legislative immunity, the working order GNAT.

LAW258 - The History of Turkish Law (2 + 0) 3

The Turkish Law before Islam, Islamic Public and Private Law, Public Law and the organisation of the Ottoman Empire until the Term of Tanzimat, development of Turkish Law after Tanzimat and the step to the Republican Law

LAW320 - Right to Fair Trial (2 + 0) 3

Examination of the purpose and scope of the right to a fair trial in the Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights in terms of criminal and administrative proceedings. Evaluation of the rules and application mechanisms in the judicial law within the framework of the freedom to seek rights and examination of the relevant court decisions.

LAW321 - General Accounting (2 + 0) 3

Basic accounting principles, transactions, and operations; basic financial accounting statements like income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement and their interpretation.

LAW331 - International Migration Law (2 + 0) 3

Knowledge of migration law in terms of internal law, international law and fundamental principles. Migration is regular migration whereby foreigners legally enter into, stay in or exit from Turkey as well as irregular migration where by foreigners enter into, stay in or exit from Turkey through illegal channels and work in Turkey without a permit; as well as international Protection.International Protection is the status granted for refugee, conditional refugee, and subsidiary protection.

LAW340 - Introduction to Economic Law (2 + 0) 3

Explaining the main aims and principles of the doctrine of economic analysis of law, its emergence and development, and the role that the fundamental principles of economics can play in the establishment of legal rules and in the examination, interpretation and evaluation of existing rules.

LAW492 - Ombudsman Friendly Legal Clinic (1 + 2) 4

Choosing one or more applications to the Ombudsman Institution whose data is concealed and making research on the related literature and court decisions, examples of other states, writing a recommendation decision offer, sharing this offer with the Institution, publication of this offer in the student journal.

MATH365 - Mathematical Logic (3 + 0) 6

No data provided