Resources and Shareholders in Social Contribution Studies


Organic Resources:


School of Engineering

School of Business

School of Law

School of Medicine

School of Health Sciences

School of Arts & Sciences

School of Fine Arts and Architecture


Vocational School

School of Civil Aviation

School of Foreign Languages

Vocational School of Healthcare Services

Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

Graduate School of Health Sciences

Graduate School of Social Sciences


Women’s Studies Center

Atılım Migration Studies Application and Research Center

Metal Forming Center of Excellence

Atılım University Continuous Education Center

Administrative Units

Directorate of Corporate Communication and Promotion

Directorate of Library and Documentation

Directorate of Social Affairs and Sports

Directorate of International Relations

Directorate of Landscaping

Directorate of Career Planning and Cooperative Education

Directorate of Distance Learning and Educational Technologies

Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs

Alumni Association


Financial Resources: Social contribution studies are leveraged with projects where academic and administrative units have their own budgets, where research centers operate under the Presidency, and which are managed with internal and external funding by the Directorate of ARGEDA TTO.

Physical Resources: The main campus of the university is located in İncek, Gölbaşı, Ankara; and we offer a multitude of facilities, involving those for infrastructure. The main campus has a total open area of 180,747 square meters and a closed area of 127,339 square meters, 76,395 square meters of which is in use. The campus houses the Schools of Business, Law, Engineering, Fine Arts and Architecture, Medicine, Health Sciences, Arts & Humanities; as well as the Vocational School, Schools of Civil Aviation, and Foreign Languages; research centers KASAUM, ATUGAM, MFCE; the ARGEDA-TTO, and our administrative units.  

Atılım University resources continuously improve as the University continuously monitors its requirements. For example, the School of Health Sciences opened in 2017, followed by the School of Medicine in 2018, and the Graduate School of Health Sciences in 2020.

In 2022, a second campus of 11,000 square meters was established in Ahlatlıbel, Çankaya, Ankara; and the Vocational School of Health Sciences opened at the new campus.

In addition, in Kızılay, Ankara; Atılım University has its Graduate School of Social Sciences and its Continuous Education Center; a central hub where a wide array of graduate degree programs and certification programs are offered.

Human Resources: A total of 557 academic personnel, 311 part-time lecturers and 450 administrative personnel, including the supporting services personnel, are currently employed at Atılım University, as of 2022.  


Atılım University units have many internal and external shareholders for their studies; not limited to these institutions:

Turkish Hoteliers Federation

Turkish Nurses Association

Oncology Nurses Association

METU Graduate School of Applied Mathematics

Promec Mühendislik

Ombudsman Institution of Türkiye

TH&İDİL Mimarlık Ltd. Şti.

Justice Academy of Türkiye

Human Rights and Equality Institution of Türkiye

Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye


Promec Mühendislik

Mia Teknoloji



Hatırlı Mimarlık

GES Mühendislik

Ankara Bar Association