Dear Students,

After being in use for quite a while, our e-mail servers change on Thursday, July 8, 2021.

Our e-mail services for students will be moved to Google Workspace (Gmail).

Your current mails will not be transferred. You may access the new system from July 8, 2021 via the “Student E-Mail (New)” link at

Your old e-mails will be available via the “Student E-Mail (Old)” link at Your old e-mails will be available for 4 months. At the end of this period, the server will be closed, and all e-mails in your old mailbox will be deleted.

To transfer your old e-mails to the new system; follow the instructions through the links Settings, Accounts and Importing Transactions, Transfer E-Mails and Contacts; and type as the server on the Pop Server screen.

The links below contain the information you may require if you wish to access your emails as Pop and Imap through your current e-mail applications. To access your e-mails on your mobile phones; select Gmail under the account creation screen, and provide your full e-mail address and password.

Gmail Settings for POP:

Gmail Settings for IMAP:

In addition, when you move to Google Workspace, you will be granted unlimited access to Gmail services such as Google Drive, Calendar, and Docs.

Please Note:

Your rerouting address information on the current system could not be transferred due to the Gmail policy requiring authorization via rerouting addresses. To reroute your mails to another account, you may use the “Add a Rerouting Address” under Settings on Gmail.