Dear Student,

Welcome to our University which has accomplished its targets in 23 years and focused on bigger goals.

Atılım University gains more strength along with the young generations who are thinking, questioning, creative, self-confident, and understanding life in all aspects and adding value to it.

Our University realizes its mission of producing science for our country and the world, turning knowledge into benefit for our social welfare and future and raising well-equipped individuals with a vision to become a research university.

As a member of Atılım family, you will experience a modern university with education programs at international standards, a strong and dynamic academic staff, advantage of studying in English, scholarship opportunities that reward success, and laboratories equipped with the latest technology.

Thanks to the education you will receive at our university, you will be raised as successful individuals who are able to compete in international arena and contribute to the progress of our country.

I would like to let you know that all our academic and administrative staff will be by your side during your education at our university.

I congratulate you and your family for choosing our University and securing your future. We wish you continued success in your future life.


Prof. M. Yıldırım Üçtuğ